Los Güeros M.C. Lake Chapala

Los Güeros M/C International Lk. Chapala, Jal., Mex. By-Laws

Los Güeros M.C. Lake Chapala Chapter (Lake Chapala Chapter), Revised July 4, 2023.

As of April 1st, 2023, the following By-Laws will be in effect for Los Güeros, M.C. International Lk. Chapala, Jal., Mex., referred to as Lake Chapala Chapter.

ARTICLE 1. General

  1. The purpose of these By-Laws is to preserve and protect the Club, as well as the integrity and the character of the Club and its membership.
  2. In the event of an item not covered by these By-Laws, a decision will be made by the Club Executive.
  3. The Club is a non-stock organization with no profit motive.
  4. We are a recreational motorcycle club, and respect all other motorcycle clubs, and do not claim any territorial rights.
  5. Lake Chapala Chapter is a positive Motorcycle Club. We represent the coming together of good people in the motorcycle community.

ARTICLE 2. Mission Statement

  1. Our goal is to create a brotherhood and sisterhood for recreational riding that promotes safety and Club unity that benefit our Club members, their families and friends to share camaraderie and riding the road together.
  2. Lake Chapala Chapter is a law abiding, non-territorial, independent motorcycle Club open to all motorcycle enthusiasts 18 or older as long as they meet all Lake Chapala Chapter standards as outlined in Article 4, Code of Ethics.
  3. Lake Chapala Chapter is open to all motorcycle enthusiasts.  We respect all motorcycle riders, motorcycle Clubs, riding Clubs and social Clubs in the motorcycle community.
  4. Lake Chapala Chapter creates and supports events that help to bring our community together.

ARTICLE 3. Club Meetings

  1. The Club holds monthly meetings, and their time and location will be sent out to members by email.  Executive meetings will be held as required.
  2. The agenda for Club meetings are set by the President.  Agendas and the last meetings’ minutes for both meetings will be sent out to the Club executive and Club membership by the President no later than one week before the next meetings.
  3. Club members are strongly encouraged to attend general meetings.
  4. Members will refrain from having side conversations during Club meetings.  To be understood, there should only be one active speaker at a time during Club meetings.
  5. General meetings (where a vote would be held) require a 30% quorum of voting members.  Executive meetings require a quorum of more than 50%.  Both general and Executive meetings’ quorums must be made up of a minimum of 51% of full riding members.

 ARTICLE 4. Code of Ethics

  1. Members will treat other members with respect.  Any Club issues or problems will not be discussed publicly or with non-members of the Club. If you have issues with anyone in the Club talk to them directly or speak with the Sergeant-at-Arms.
  2. A Member will not discuss any Club business or share any member’s personal information with anyone outside of the Club except event and Club ride information.
  3. Members, if available, will help at Club functions as requested.
  4. Members will work towards the betterment of the Club.
  5. Full Members (Riding) and Associate (Non-Riding) Members must pay a membership fee of $500 Pesos per year due on April 1stof each year. New members joining the Club after June 30th will pay a prorated membership fee of $50 Pesos per month through March, and then renew at $500 Pesos on the 1st of April.
  6. New Full (Riding) Members joining the Club will pay their annual fee as described above plus the cost of one set of Club colours, of their choice, at the posted price at the time of joining. Their colours will be presented after acceptance into the Club.
  7. Members are encouraged to wear their colours at all rides and Club events.
  8. Members voting on Club decisions must have their membership dues paid in full and be in good standing with the Club.
  9. Spreading of untrue or unconfirmed gossip or rumours between members regarding a third party member will not be tolerated.
  10. Members creating problems for the Club, other members, not abiding by our Club’s code of ethics, or posting negative public messages concerning the Club or members of the Club on any form of media or social network may be required to return their colours and forfeit their membership in the Club. This decision will be made by the Club’s Executive.
  11. Members who have been required to forfeit their colours may approach the Club’s Executive and request to attend a meeting to discuss re-instatement. This request may be approved or declined by the Club’s Executive.
  12. Confrontations and problems arising among members should be resolved at the lowest possible level. If no resolution is found, ONLY then should they go up to the next level, Sergeant-at-Arms and so on.  Executives have been elected to serve a purpose. All members should realize and respect “The Chain of Command”.  The purpose of each Executive is outlined in the pages of our By-Laws.

ARTICLE 5. Club Executive.

The Executive shall consist of the

  1. President
    1. The President is the leader of the chapter.  He/she is the Club’s figurehead and is usually the spokesperson when dealing with the police, other Moto Clubs and the media.
    2. The President is the chairperson at Club and executive meetings and will set the agenda for these meetings and email the agenda and minutes to the membership at least one week prior to each meeting. The President is responsible for the delegation of tasks required for effective Club operations.
    3. The President has the authority to spend up to $5000 Pesos of Club funds at his/her discretion.
    4. The President may not vote on any motion presented at meetings unless there is a tie. The President does not propose or second motions that are raised at a Club meeting.
  2. Vice President
    1. The Vice President is the second in charge of the Club.
    2. The Vice President is the heir apparent to the Club leadership.
    3. It is the Vice President’s job to make sure matters passed at Club meetings are carried out in a timely manner.
    4. The Vice President assists the President in Club matters.
    5. At the request of the President, or in the event of his/her absence or disability, the Vice President shall possess and perform the powers of the President.
  3. Treasurer
    1. The Treasurer will keep accurate up-to-date record of the Club finances.  Club monies cannot be spent without the approval of the Club Executive.
    2. The Treasurer shall receive all Club funds, maintaining the same in the name of the Club in a secure manner as may be designated by the Club Executive, and keep accurate record of all receipts and disbursements.
    3. The Treasurer shall provide a report of the financial status of the Club upon request by the Executive.
  4. Secretary
    1. The Secretary is responsible for the Club’s executive and general meeting minutes. The Secretary keeps minutes of meetings and records dates and details of significant events.
    2. The Secretary uses information provided by the Membership Coordinator to report on and introduce new members in the Club minutes.
    3. The Secretary will provide minutes of the executive and general meetings in a timely manner to the President for approval and subsequent distribution to the Executive and Club.
  5. Sergeant-at-Arms
    1. The Sergeant-at-Arms enforces Club procedures and maintains order at Club meetings.
    2. The Sergeant-at-Arms is in charge of security at Club events.
  6. Head Road Captain
    1. The Head Road Captain coordinates the lead and sweep for all planned rides.
    2. The Head Road Captain will send out emails to the Club members with information about all rides.
    3. The Head Road Captain approves all Full (Riding) Members who wish to perform as Lead Road Captain or Sweep.
    4. The Head Road Captain is responsible for assuring that Road Captains adhere to all rules and riding approved procedures.
    5. The Head Road Captain is to keep the full membership aware of any and all riding recommendations or requirements, and report on these at the general membership meetings (for inclusion in the monthly minutes) or by emails to all members.
  7. Membership Coordinator
    1. The Membership Coordinator maintains a list of all current members of the Club and is responsible to keep up to date the Club’s membership list.
    2. The Membership Coordinator will keep track of membership dues for all Club members.
    3. The Membership Coordinator will track new members and their probation period.
    4. The Membership Coordinator will provide new member information at every Executive meeting.
    5. The Membership Coordinator will keep a file of all Member Applications and Emergency Contact Forms, and will have current membership applications available for distribution at Club meetings and events.
    6. The Membership Coordinator will ensure the Club’s number of full riding members stays at sixty percent (60%) or more of the club’s total voting membership.
  8. Technical Director
    1. The Technical Director will maintain and update the Club’s website, its public Facebook page Los Güeros Lake Chapala, and its private Facebook page Los Güeros Motorcycle Club, and will send out any requested Club emails in a timely fashion.
    2. The Technical Director is responsible for maintaining the Club’s membership email account and email list.
  1. Events Coordinator
    1. The Events Coordinator will oversee the planning and execution of Club events such as
      1. Christmas party
      2. Anniversary party
      3. Christmas Toy Run
      4. Club Fundraisers
      5. Overnight rides and events
    2. The Events Coordinator will create sub-committees as necessary to fulfill these duties.
  2. Past President
  1. The Past President remains a member of the club executive once he/she as resigned as President.  The Past Present assists the President with guidance and advice from his or her experience.
  1. The Club Executive is installed at our annual general meeting prior (March) to the annual meeting held in April. Executive positions not filled by election, or vacated during the year, may be filled by appointment by the remaining Executive.
  2. Current Club Executive members’ names will be displayed on our web site, https://losgueros.com/club-executive
  3. Unless authorized by the Club Executive, the positions of President, Vice President, Sergeant-at-Arms and Head Road Captain may only be filled by Full Members (Riding).
  4. Volunteer Positions
    1. Inventory Manager – Maintains control of all Club inventory including colours, patches, men’s and women’s clothing, and accessories; negotiates with vendors on behalf of the Club for new items and provides invoices to Treasurer for prepayment or repayment of all purchases; uses information from the Membership Coordinator to assure sufficient colours and patches are available when needed after probationary members are approved; maintains a current inventory of all items in stock including their cost and sale prices; regularly turns over sales receipts to Treasurer accompanied by spreadsheets; and fulfills members’ specialized needs as possible.
    2. Ladies Luncheon Coordinator – Organizes monthly luncheons on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, or such time as agreed to by the ladies; acts as liaison with restaurants to update them as to confirmed number of attendees, sufficient service personnel needs, and any special menus required; and uses information provided by the Membership Coordinator to invite new members or their significant others or friends to join the group. Membership in Lake Chapala Chapter is not required to participate in this luncheon group.
    3. Monthly Dine-Out Coordinator – This has customarily been assigned on a rotating basis among members of the Executive.  The coordinator is responsible for choosing dine-out restaurants, preparing notices for posting in the Los Güeros private Facebook page, and preparing emails to go to the entire membership to cover any members not on Facebook.
  5. Election of Club Executive
    1. The Club Executive has the right to remove any elected or appointed member of the Executive for cause from the Executive after sufficient review and discussion by a majority vote. The President may appoint a qualified member, in good standing, to the vacant position with the approval of a majority of the Executive.
    2. Any member to be nominated must be a member of the Club for a period of one year prior or unless voted on by a majority of the Club Executive.
    3. Written secret ballots shall be given to the entire membership attending the meeting should an election take place.  Member Proxy Voting Forms may be used by members unable to be present to vote.
    4. Nominations will be accepted up to one week prior to voting and voting will take place at the March Club meeting.
    5. If there is not more than one candidate for office, no ballot will be needed for that office.
    6. The Club Executive must consist of a minimum 51% Full (Riding) Members.

ARTICLE 6. Members

  1. There shall be five classes of membership of Lake Chapala Chapter, Full Member (rider and partner), Social, Probationary, Lifetime and Honorary Member.
      1. A Full Member (Riding) member is a member who owns and rides a motorcycle on club rides. He or she may also designate a cohabitating partner for Full Membership status.  The number of Full Members and their designated partners, must make up a minimum of eighty five percent of the club’s total voting membership. Each Full member and partner shall have one vote each in the club.
      2. A Social (Non-Riding) Member does not ride a motorcycle on Club rides, but wishes to be a member of the club to participate in the club’s social activities. A Social member does not have a vote in club matters.
      3. A Probationary Member is a non-voting member who has applied to joined the Club as a Full Member (Riding) or Social  Member and is within their 90-day probationary period, awaiting approval for acceptance into the Club by the Executive. A probationary member does not have a vote in club matters.  Once approved by the Club Executive, the Probationary Member will become a Full Member or Social Member.
      4. A Lifetime Member may be awarded to long-standing members for their contribution to the Club.  Lifetime Members have the right to take part in the running of the club and have voting rights.  Life-members retain their patch even though they may no longer take an active part in the club.  Life Membership is to be awarded to the member by the Club Executive and a Lifetime Member is not required to pay annual membership fees.
      5. An Honorary Member is a member who has been awarded Honorary Membership by the executive, at their discretion. An Honorary Member does not have a vote in club matters.
    1. All new members who have applied for Full or Social membership will have a 90-day probationary period during which they are strongly encouraged to participate in Club rides, activities and meetings.  Following this probationary period, new members’ suitability for Club membership shall be reviewed and approved, extended for another 90-day period or denied by the Club Executive.

ARTICLE 7. Dues Structure

  1. Annual dues are paid by each member once per year. Our fiscal year runs from April 1st thru the following March 31st.
  2. Renewal dues are due by the April General Meeting. The Treasurer will begin collecting dues one month prior.
  3. Members who join the Club after June 30thwill have their membership fee prorated for the number of calendar months (10% of annual dues per month) remaining in the fiscal year.
  4. Annual membership dues will be decided by the Executive.
  5. Dues paid for membership may not be refunded to any member leaving the club voluntarily or by Executive action, unless approved by a majority vote of the Executive.

ARTICLE 8. Club Colours

  1. Lake Chapala Chapter colours are rented and the one-time rental fee is retained by the Club. When any member leaves the Club voluntarily or by Executive action, the Club Executive may, at their discretion, ask the departing member to relinquish their colours immediately.
  2. If a member leaving the Club refuses to give up his/her colours, legal action may be taken by the Club to obtain said colours.
  3. Club colours shall be attached to either a leather or denim vest, jacket or shirt in an appropriately manner according to Club guidelines.
  4. Los Güeros M.C. logo is trademarked and any duplication of its name or logo will also require prior written approval.  Any person wanting permanent markings, such as Tattoo’s that represent or reflect the Los Güeros M.C. will require written approval from the President.
  5. Full Members (Riding)are entitled to wear their choice of the 3-piece patch or single patch.  Associate Members (Non Riding) may only wear the single patch.  Club wearables (other than colours) purchased from the Club with logos may be worn by anyone – members or non-members.

ARTICLE 9. Club Rules and Regulations

  1. All motorcycles on Club functions must conform to State Inspection Codes.  Riders must have a valid license, registration, and insurance in order to ride in any Club function, and must provide same if requested by the President, Head Road Captain or the Road Captain leading the ride.
  2. Club colours “should” be worn when out riding whenever possible to represent our Club in the most respectful and responsible way, also to promote the Lake Chapala Chapter in the riding community and general public.  As a Lake Chapala Chapter member, Club colours should always be worn, when appropriate, to any “Club Sponsored Function”, such as meetings, fund raisers, rallies and general “Club” rides.  
  3. Any member displaying Lake Chapala Chapter colours must conduct themselves in an orderly law-abiding manner so as not to disrespect the general public or any Club member.  Any such behavior will not be tolerated and removal from the Club could be imminent.
  4. Discretion should be taken when wearing Lake Chapala Chapter colours to a non-approved or non-Club sponsored event. Remember, you are “on-your-own” and also remember you are still representing Lake Chapala Chapter by wearing your colours, so anything that happens reflects on the ENTIRE membership.
  5. Club Pet Policy.  Pets of members and their guests are not permitted in establishments serving food unless specifically approved by the establishment.  In no case are pets allowed on a table or on a member’s lap.  This is considered a matter of health and safety for all members.  Members are held responsible for the actions of their pets while at Club activities.
  6. Any member not abiding by these Rules and Regulations is subject to disciplinary action by the Executive, such as being put on probationary status or removed from the Club.
  7. Non-members may be invited by a Full (Riding) Member to join a Club ride a maximum 3 times in a 12 month period.

ARTICLE 10. Amendments to the By-Laws and Dissolution

  1. A vote on any proposed amendment(s) shall be held as necessary by the Club Executive.  A majority of the Executive is required for the passing of any proposed amendment.

ARTICLE 11. Liability

  1. Lake Chapala Chapter accepts no responsibility or liability for the actions of any of its members or guests.