Los Güeros M.C. Lake Chapala

Mission Statement

LOS GÜEROS M/C INTL. is a positive Motorcycle Club. We represent the coming together of good people in the motorcycle community.

Our goal is to create a brother and sisterhood for recreational riding that promotes safety and club unity that benefit our club members, their families and friends to share camaraderie and riding the road together.

LOS GÜEROS M/C INTL. is a law abiding, non-territorial, independent motorcycle club open to all motorcycle enthusiasts 18 and over regardless of gender, religion or background as long as they meet all Los Güeros M/C standards.

LOS GÜEROS M/C INTL. is open to all riders on two and three wheeled vehicles which can keep up with us on highway rides and we respect all motorcycle riders, motorcycle clubs, riding clubs and social clubs in the motorcycle community.

LOS GÜEROS M/C INTL. creates and supports tourism and other events to bring the community together.