Los Güeros M.C. Lake Chapala

Safety Forms

As a new member joining the club, there are three forms you will require to fill out.  You can download these directly from this website and print or edit the form on your local computer.  For your safety orientation, you will need to have both the emergency contact form and safety orientation form with you.

Emergency Contact Form

This form is available as a pdf file you can download, print, and complete by hand.  Once completed, if you can, scan the form and email it to exec@losgueros.com, or hand in the filled out form to the person sponsoring you, or hand it to the Membership Coordinator at the next club meeting.

PDF Format

Inter-Personal Emergency Information Form

You can use this form if you wish to provide your in Mexico contact person the information for where critical documents would be located (wills, insurance policies, etc.) as well as more detailed contact information for your family north of the border.

PDF Format

Safety Orientation Form

The safety orientation will consist of two parts.  One is a safety presentation that will be given to you by one of Los Güeros’ road captains, and you will review two videos together, T-CLOCS and The MSF Guide to Group Riding.  Passengers and car drivers need only watch the MSF video.   The road captain will of course answer any questions you have during the briefing and videos.  The outline of the safety orientation can be found on this page.

The second part of the safety orientation is a series of videos of called Street Smarts.  These videos cover in detail motorcycle riding skills, and have excellent advice from people who know bikes best, racers and a motorcycle cop.  These videos you will watch on your own time, and using this form.  For all of the videos, we’re asking that you note down the three most interesting/informative points (you might learn something new 🙂 on the safety orientation form.  Once you have completed watching each of these safety videos, you’ll of course want to turn the form in, preferably to the road captain that gave you your safety orientation.

Safety Rides Form

Once you’ve completed the orientation phase of our course, you’re going riding with your motorcycle.  Your first ride will be with two of Los Güeros’ road captains.  This will allow us to establish your general riding skills.  Once signed off on your check ride, you will likely ride in the number 2 (behind and to the ride of the road captain leading the group ride) for your next four group rides.

It is imperative that you bring your Safety Rides form with you to your check ride and each of your group rides until you have completed your safety training course.  If you do not have the form with you, you will not be able to go on the ride.