Los Güeros M.C. Lake Chapala

Los Güeros Road Captains

Head Road Captain

  • Gary Williams

Road Captains

In Alphabetical Order

  • Rob Bosch
  • Pete Clinton
  • Brian Draginda
  • Doug Friend
  • Michael Merryman
  • Mike Murphy
  • Bill Reynolds
  • Sloane Shulman

Want to Join the Team?

We need more road captains!  If you are interested in becoming a Los Güeros Road Captain, please talk to Doug, cell 33 1069 0084, or any of the other road captains.  Being a road captain is of course some work, but does also provide great satisfaction from organizing and executing a great club ride.  Our Wednesday open rides will also provide you the opportunity to try leading or sweeping an open ride.

Road Captain Roles During Group Rides

Front left tire track, first in the group.

The Lead Road Captain’s responsibilities start by pre-determining the route for the ride.  It is suggested that the Lead RC then conducts at least one (1) pre-ride to validate the assumptions about the route and that it will be safe and logistically workable for the expected capabilities of our members. This includes:

*Road conditions along the route,

*Identifying “challenges” on the route – blind turns, unexpected stops signs or signals, road overhangs, narrow roads and bridges, construction along the route, etc.,

*Availability of gas stations within mileage limits of all riders,

*Availability of clean restrooms at designated stops along the route;

*Availability of quality food and refreshments at the destination that is sufficient for all members on the ride.

Just prior to starting the ride, the Lead RC will do the following;

  • Delivers a “Welcome Speech” to the riders and advises them about the route to be taken, gas/pit stop locations, hand signal reminder, emergency stop procedure, remind all riders that they are responsible for the rider behind them and any challenges noted from the pre-ride.

The RC is responsible for all aspects of the ride including;

  • Ride speed
  • When to ride single file vs. in staggered formation, and when to return to staggered formation
  • When to proceed from traffic and stop signs
  • Lane changes
  • Deciding when to pull the group over to the side of the road for any reason.
Accordion Content


  • Count the number of bikes and riders
  • Look for obvious mechanical problems on any rider’s bike and advise the lead road captain of any concerns or safety issues found,
  • Assist lead road captain as requested.

The Sweeps primary responsibility is to monitor the riders in the group and keep the RC informed.

  • The sweep should ride in the left tire track with their high beams on so the RC can see them
  • when apparent, to occupy the driving lane to the right or left in anticipation of lane changes needed by the RC – effectively protecting the lane for the group in front of you
  • watch for problems with the group in front of you and be prepared to lend assistance if needed
  • stop and assist any rider needing help
  • assist in reorganizing the group after stops
  • be familiar with the route


The only exception is, if necessary, in the event of an accident.

All RCs are responsible for ensuring safety on all club rides and events. Any rider that does not take safety as seriously as us is the person we need to worry about. Although we strive to have fun during all club rides and events, it is better to end the ride/event then to have ANY avoidable safety issues. To that end;

  • All road captains should be proactive in looking for, and addressing, riders or situations that could be deemed unsafe for the ride participants.
  • Be courteous, diplomatic, and tactful when approaching any rider when addressing safety concerns.
  • Explain the problem, and offer suggestions to correct it.
  • NEVER address the issue in front of others!  Discuss issues privately to minimize their embarrassment or defensiveness.  Treat them with respect and minimize causing them offense.
  • If necessary, the decision to remove an unsafe rider from the group is the prerogative of any club road captain.