Los Güeros has two basic rules we ask all members to follow:

  1. Ride safe, and
  2. Treat other members with respect.

Group Ride Orientation

When riding in a group, we ride in a staggered formation.  The lead motorcycle will ride in the left “tire track”.  The second motorcycle will ride in the right “tire track”, one second behind the lead bike.  The third bike will ride in left tire track, two seconds behind the lead, and one second behind the second bike.  Other bikes will alternate left and right tire tracks, and maintain one second and two second spacing from the next two bikes ahead.

Dealing with Topes (speed bumps)

It’s even more important to maintain the 1 & 2 second gaps with riders in front of you when the group needs to slow down for topes.  Larger bikes often will need to take a tope at an angle in order to not have the bike hit the tope.  If that happens and the bike behind comes up beside, the risk of the two bikes hitting goes up significantly.  Do not come up beside the motorcycle ahead of you.

Hand and Foot Signals

The lead bike will make hand and foot gestures to communicate with the group his intention.  That could be taking an exit, stopping, a road hazard,  or other.  See this page for a guide to different hand signals.

Why We Ride in Staggered Formation

Safety.  Keeping our spacing tight helps keep the group together and not have cars darting in and out of our formation.  Keeping two seconds from the rider in the same tire track as you provides you with enough time to be able to stop.  Keeping your left or right side clear with a one second gap from the next rider ahead of you allows you to be able to turn left or right in case of road hazards, etc.