Los Güeros M.C. Lake Chapala

Welcome to Los Güeros Motorcycle Club site.  This site is here to provide our members resources on our group ride schedules, club events, fund raisers (we seem to do a lot of those), and most of all resources and information on rider safety.

Many of our members are full-time residents of the Lake Chapala area, and are fortunate to live in a climate that has a 12-month riding season.

A new page with a collection of past ride maps has been added to our website.  Ride Maps you’ll find under the About menu.


DateLeadSweepDeparture TimeDestinationRestaurant
Oct 31GaryWolf10:00 amCancelledCancelled
Nov 7MikeSloan10:00 amCancelledCancelled
Nov 14RonGary10:00 am Ixtlahuacan del RioGabacho's Pizza
Nov 21GarySloan10:00 amTototlanPollo Los Gueros
Nov 28WolfeMike10:00 amTBDTBD
Dec 5SloanRob10:00 amTBDTBD
Dec 12MikeSloan10:00 amTBDTBD
Dec 19SloanGary10:00 amPetatanTBD
Dec 26WolfeDoug10:00 amTBDTBD
Jan 2RonWolfe10:00 amTBDTBD
Jan 9MikeRon10:00 amTBDTBD
Jan 16GaryWolfe10:00 amSayula via Tapalpa - San GabrielOn the Square
Jan 23RonMike10:00 amTBDTBD
Jan 30SloanGary10:00 amTequilaTBD
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