Los Güeros Lk. Chapala Mandatory Safety Orientation

In the club’s Mission Statement, you will find the following:

Our goal is to create a brother and sisterhood for recreational riding that promotes safety and club unity that benefit our club members, their families and friends to share camaraderie and riding the road together.

Our safety orientation has been designed by your club’s executive to make our group rides as safe as possible for you, and for the bikers around you.  The safety orientation is divided into three sections.

Part 1 is mandatory for all riders (member or not) and motorcycle passengers, and is recommended for all travelling in a car or  truck on a closed ride.  Parts 1 and 2 are mandatory for all riders and divers of non-motorcycle vehicles that wish to go on closed group rides.  Section 3 applies only to riders.  The safety orientation will be given by the club’s road captains.

Part 1: Emergency Contact Form

Before we can start with the safety presentation, you will need to fill out and submit an emergency contact form.  You will find all of the forms you will need to complete this course on the Safety Forms page.  Once you have given in your emergency contact form, the club will provide you with a laminated wallet sized card.  You should always have this card in your wallet where one of us or an ambulance technician would expect to find it.  Safety/contact cards will be provided free of charge to any club member.  For non-club members, a $100 Pesos fee will apply.

Should any of your emergency contact information change (new insurance provider, contact person changes phone number….), you must inform the club of this change.

Part 2: Safety Presentation

The safety presentation will be given by one of the club’s road captains, will consists of a brief presentation, review of one or two short videos, followed discussion of any questions you might have.

For riders, once you have completed the safety presentation and viewed the videos, you will be asked to go on a check ride with two of our road captains.  Once you have successfully completed your check ride, you will be asked to ride in the second position (one second behind and to the right of the road captain) on your next four group rides.  At the end of the ride, the road captain will give you his impression of your ride and point out what was done well, and what needs to be improved.

You will find a form on this page as well that you will need to download, print, and bring with you on each group ride until the road captains have signed off your form and cleared you to ride with the group.

Part 3: The Safety Videos

On the Safety Forms page, you will find the Safety Orientation Form.  You should have this with you when you are watching the videos so that you can jot down things you’ve learned or found of particular interest when watching the videos.

The safety videos are not a mandatory part of the safety orientation, but are highly recommended by the club & road captains.  The club does reserve the right to require a rider to watch the videos and submit their safety orientation form if the club deems that this is necessary for safety reasons.