Los Güeros M.C. Lake Chapala

Code of Ethics

This code will change from time to time as necessary to keep up with the times. All changes will be voted on by Officers of the Club. The code is to ensure the respect of fellow members and to maintain the respect of the general public.

  1. All members will treat other members with respect.  Any club issues or problems will not be discussed publicly or with non-members of the club. If you have issues with anyone in the club talk to them directly or speak with the Sergeant At Arms.
  2. A Member will not discuss any club business or any member’s personal information with anyone outside of the club except event and club ride information.
  3. All members, if available, will help at club functions as requested.
  4. All members will work towards the betterment of the club.
  5. All Members must pay membership fee of $500 pesos per year due on April 1stof each year. New members joining the club after July1st will pay a membership fee of $50 pesos per month through March, and then renew at $500 pesos on the 1st of April.  
  6. New Full Members joining the club will pay their annual fee as described above plus the cost of one set of club colours that will be presented after acceptance into the club. All riding members are encouraged to wear club colors at all club events.
  7. All Members voting on club decisions must have their membership dues paid in full and be in good standing with the club.
  8. Any member creating problems for the club, other members, not abiding by our club’s code of ethics, or posting negative public messages concerning the club or members of the club on any form of media or social network may be required to return their colours and forfeit their membership in the club. This decision will be made by the club’s officers.
  9. Any member who has been required to forfeit their colors may approach the club’s officers and request to attend a meeting to discuss re-instatement. This request may be approved or declined by the club’s officers.
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