History of Los Güeros

LOS GÜEROS M/C is a motorcycle riding club that was formed many years ago by a few riders in Mazatlan to foster the good times of riding a motorcycle and partying with your fellow riders. A lot of the original members have either passed away or have run into health issues that limit their ability to ride as much as they would like to. The original club had no rules and it was just a party time. We commend those people who saw the need for a bike club here in Mazatlan and took the time to have a few semi organized rides. For those who are no longer with us you will always be in our hearts and in our memories.

Recently the Club has reorganized with the name “LOS GÜEROS M/C INTL.”. The back center patch has changed and a lady patch was also designed “LAS CABRONAS DE LOS GÜEROS”. The decision for the name of the lady patch was made by the ladies. The M/C now has a board of Officers which will be voted on in the beginning of each calendar year.

In April of 2014 we were approached by a group of like-minded riders that wanted to start a chapter in the Lake Chapala, Jal. area. That chapter was approved and is known as Los Güeros M/C Intl., Lk. Chapla, Jal. Mex.