A Plea for Help

To the Lakeside/Guadalajara Biker Community, we have a biker down and she needs your help.

Los Güeros First Annual Pay It Forward Event

As our VP Dave likes to say, Bikers need a cause.  Your executive committee has decided we’re going to hold a fund raising event annually.  The theme/name of the event is Pay It Forward.  There comes a time in all of our lives where we need help.  Pay It Forward helps to put a little something away in the Karma bank.

DebDeb the secretary and treasurer of the Los Güeros motorcycle club has been told that she will have to lose her lower leg by amputation.  Deb is suffering from scleroderma, or systemic sclerosis, is a chronic connective tissue disease generally classified as one of the autoimmune rheumatic diseases.  Her medical bills up to this time trying to keep her leg has left their finances to low to be able to have this procedure done.  Mike and Deb need our help.

Fundraiser, 26th of April

The club’s executive is organizing a fund-raising dinner, concert and auction to be held at the Hotel Villa Montecarlo in Chapala on the 26th of April.  The event is from 6:00 pm to whenever we close.  We’re looking for club members to go out and seek donations from local businesses, artists,  travel agencies, service providers, whomever you can think of, to be auctioned off at the event.

Live and Silent AuctionClick to download this form

Club members, please use the prepared form when meeting with business owners for their donated item(s).  It’s important that you complete the form fully and you and the person making the donation both sign the form.

Auction Items

These are the items that will be up for auction Sunday the 26th of April.  Los Güeros Motorcycle Club Lk. Chapala would like to thank all that generously donated these items to our Pay It Forward fundraiser.

  • Donated by Margarita & Rocio del Castillo, Beaded earring set20150419_085444
  • Donated by Dick Stromberg – Necklace and earring set, valued at $1200 Pesos20150419_084941
  • Panederia Scandanavia – 3 loaves of bread ($162 Pesos value)Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.57.03 AM
  • Blue Moon Studio – Hair cut with Manicure/Pedicure20150419_085624
  • Donated by Pam Lamb, Great bathroom reader written by our own Ken Nadeo, The Man’s Rules of Marriage


  • Donated by John Higgins – All seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy20150419_084725
  • New Look Studio – 1 pedicure and 2 manicures ($340 Pesos value)20150419_085403
  • Los Güeros Lk. Chapala – Harley Davidson helment, brand new20150419_090057
  • Donated by Lupe – Sony bluetooth music player, $100 USD value


  • Adelitas Bar & Grill – $500 Pesos dinner for two gift certificate.Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.06.50 PM

  • Drishti Center – One month Unlimited Classes Membership, $800 Pesos valueScreen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.08.01 PM
  • Bar Tomas – $800 Pesos gift certificateScreen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.07.24 PM
  • Donated by Connie Walton – Purse20150419_084845
  • Donated by Barb Ferris – Beaded hat bands (Dave’s hat not included)20150419_085036
  • Donated by Ron & Bonnie Hunter, Big Green Egg kamado-style cookerBig Green Egg
  • Donated by Ginny DeVertieul – Set of purses20150419_085309
  • Chapala Country Club – Round of golf for two with cart.20150419_084351
  • John W. Brennan Bourdon, 1 hour complimentary legal council.  Value $150 US.
  • American Legion – 2 tickets to the event of your choice.  Value $400 Pesos
  • American Legion – 2 tickets Memorial Day Event.  Value $300 Pesos
  • American Legion – 2 tickets Memorial Day Event.  Value $300 Pesos
  • Chapala Soap Co. – Luxury Soap Package20150420_121820
  • Janey Marquez – Necklace
  • 20150420_122116Janey Marquez – Necklace
  • 20150422_130650Janey Marquez – Matching Necklace & Earring Set20150422_130514
  • Lil Lewis – Decorative Mask20150422_130911
  • Maureen Renz – Silk Scarf20150422_131136
  • Carolina Art – Still Art Floral Painting20150422_131333
  • Ella – Mexican Girl Painting20150422_131550
  • Ella – Orchid Painting20150422_131619
  • Lil Lewis – Girls Playing Painting20150422_132410
  • Bob Brennan – Philips Living Colour LED lights20150422_132445
  • Betty Peterson – Mother and Child Painting20150422_131906
  • Lil Lewis – Abstract Wolf Mountainside Painting20150422_132029
  • Karen Spencer – Duck Painting20150422_132131
  • Bob Brennan – GPX Motorcycle Helmet20150422_132614
  • Hank Fischer – Ultraseal Tire Treatment up the $1200 Pesos value20150422_132850
  • Beverly Denton – Painting, Nude in Manzanillo20150425_150343
  • Ajijic Art House Richard Tingen – Painting, nude with cello20150425_150351
  • Mike & Deb Murphy – Sirius Starmate 3 Satellite radio20150425_150436
  • Beverly Denton – Painting, Artists Proof, Ginette de la Noche20150425_152415
  • Beverly Denton – Set of three prints20150425_152447

Tickets & Posters Are Ready

Tickets and posters have now been printed.  All club members please see pick up your tickets to sell at the weekly meeting or get in touch with Dave and Pam to arrange getting tickets to you.  We have 20 or so posters ready to be posted around Chapala & Ajijic.


Event Sponsor

We are very pleased to welcome eSun Energy as the major event sponsor.  eSun has is donating $5,000 Pesos to the event.  They will have a booth setup at the event as well, and we encourage you to go over and say hello.  From personal experience, I installed a solar electric system at Nancy and my house in LaFloresta (you may have seen it when you were here for our party.  We’ve done from having bills of a little over $5000 Pesos every two months to the CFE minimum charge of $37 Pesos!  It’s paid for itself already.

Live Entertainment

WantedPoster-notBranded1We will have local rockers Mike and the Suspects providing the music for the night.  The band has waived their fee for the event.  We are talking with other musicians in the area to see if they will be able to participate.  So far, we have confirmed that Flip from the Tall Boys will sit in for a few tunes.  Keep an eye on this post for updates!

Menu is Set

PayItForwardWe have set the menu for the April 26th Fund Raiser.  The meal is going to be buffet style.  This ensures everyone’s meal will be hot and fresh.  We have done a fundraiser with the MonteCarlo before, and choose this menu based on the menu we had in the past.  The food was excellent!


  • Mixed spring greens salad
  • Crudités of fresh veggies
  • Fresh fruit al tequila

Main Course

  • Roast loin of pork with mushroom gravy
  • Bacon and carrot bundles
  • Medley of cauliflower, mushrooms and broccoli
  • Grilled sea bass almandine
  • Roasted baby potatoes with rosemary
  • Spanish rice
  • Fresh buns and butter


  • Pistachio panacotta
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Chocolate cake